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Recycle more with Vanuatu Brewing !

Vanuatu Brewing Limited recently received a brand new washing machine !

Vanuatu Brewing Ltd (VBL), following its recyclability policy, ordered a brand-new washing machine that it received in October 16th, 2020 at its premises. The aims of the installation of this new washing machine are to help the company reducing its environmental impact by recycling more bottles and reducing

its energy and water consumption by 40% and reducing the uses of chemicals washing products by 95%.

This washing machine can wash almost all types of bottle formats.

All drinks produced in glass bottles by VBL, and its sister company, Vanuatu Craft Association, will be washed in a shorter term contributing to the cleanliness of Vanuatu.

An extension of the industrial building was built just to accommodate this new 5 racehorse machine.

“After washing 100 million bottles with the outgoing machine, our hope is that this new machine will wash more bottles in the coming years.

The new washer is now operating for two months and it has been found that it is contribute a lot in reducing the electricity by 37%, the uses of caustic soda is reduced by 87% and the decrease of foaming agent by 78%.

We are encouraging everyone not to litter but to return their used bottles to be recycled and to choose glass bottles over plastic ones.

#Recycling #KeepVanuatuClean

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