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Cascade water goes big !

Updated: May 18, 2021

After many controversies around the big bottle Tusker in town, Vanuatu Brewing decided to replace it with Cascade bottle.

In July 2020, VBL team decided to install a big Tusker bottles in the middle of Port-Vila town.

As one of the first industry of Vanuatu, Tusker bottle was well welcomed by Port-Vila Lord mayor and majority of the citizens.

The roundabout allowed VBL to display some messages with the bottle, one side about our bottle collection policy since 30years, one side about our story, one side displaying strong messages :

- Don't drink and drive

- Don't drink if you are pregnant

- Don't drink if you are under 18 years old

After 6 months on the roundabout, the Tusker bottle has been removed on December 2020 following the complaints made by the Vanuatu Christian Council and the Ministers Fraternity ( )

VBL decided to replace Tusker bottle by Cascade bottle. The Cascade sparkling water is one of VBL local products that has been launched in 2019 with washable printed labels.

The replacement of the Tusker bottle to non alcoholic drink, has been done after the agreement of Port-Vila Lord Mayor: Eric Festa.

The bottle was put up under a contract with the City Council to showcase the advancement of Vanuatu’s production industry.

The bottle is back :

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